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Resort Income Optimization has been serving boutique and independent hotels since 1999.  Our business was started by a charter airline that was flying passengers to boutique resorts in the Caribbean and started helping them manage their OTA presence.  The company is now independent and has expanded to include direct booking technology, websites and marketing strategy for search and social media.  We also offer technology strategy and consulting for automating and connecting hotel distribution software from PMS to Channel Manager to Direct Booking Engines and OTA Management.  For our full service clients we provide expertise and do all this work for them, allowing them to focus on their property and guests.  For many customers that want to manage their channels and technology on their own, we have packaged our expertise in easy to use videos, guides and books, so they do not have to reinvent the wheel.  We strive to align our own interests with that of our clients and treat all of our relationships as long term partnerships.

The company is headed by Robert Russell, who has been an innovative leader in digital, social and mobile marketing for over 20 years.  His clients have included large global hotel chains, as well as smaller boutique hotels around the world.  We have extensive experience in every aspect of digital marketing and online sales, including reservation and transaction software, mobile applications, social media marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, and website user experience.  Robert has been a featured speaker at leading hospitality conferences, such as HITEC, and written articles for many industry publications.  He has recently published The Hotel Handbook For Online Revenue.  Robert currently advises dozens of large and small hotels as President of Resort Income Optimization. 

We can be reached at [email protected] or 1-678-534-7125


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