What hotel management can do during Corona virus

COVID 19 has impacted the hotel business in a massive, immediate, and unexpected way. Under such circumstances, some hotels have little they can do, but there are still a few things that can be done to prepare for the future. Will people travel again? When will people travel again? What should hotels do now, and what should they do when things pick up again?

Some are wondering how hotels can survive during Corona, while others wonder if hotel marketing should continue, and if how revenue management should be done differently in the coming months. 

In some markets, hotel direct bookings and OTAs are still possible, but major adjustments are necessary.  In other cases, current bookings are at virtual zero, but they need to be prepared for when things start rolling again.  This webinar pulls together some of the top thinking from our hotel clients and industry experts.  

(The first few minutes of video are a bit fuzzy, but it corrects itself quickly.)




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