Yield Box - Built for Boutique Hotels

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Shockingly Simple

Revenue Management can be complicated and requires expertise.  But now you can get the benefits with less effort and no new technology.

"You do a great job of showing hoteliers how they can take the first step."

- Hotel Tech Report

Precisely explained the way to maximize revenue and maintain the occupancy of the hotel for RM.”

- Revenue Manager, Dubai

Here's How It Works

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You Provide...

Availability: Can be sent automatically from most PMS to our inbox. We will help you set it up.

Compset data: Provide read-only access to Expedia extranet, so we can access compset data.

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We Provide... 

Plain-language bullet points telling you which dates need higher rates, or lower rates.

Detailed spreadsheet if you want to explore the details. 

A live weekly call if you want.

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You Control...

Implementation: Adjust base rates in 15 minutes in PMS and changes flow through to all channels.

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