Revenue Is Oxygen - Complete Course

For many hotels this course can transform their business. You will learn how to fix the main problems that prevent independent hotels from generating more revenue and profits and operating efficiently across all the online sales channels. Even complex lessons are explained in simple terms and you can send us an email with questions or schedule a Free Strategy Session to discuss your specific situation.

This includes over 7 hours of video, plus valuable spreadsheet models for yield management, comparing profits by channel, and rate elasticity.  All this content is broken out in 25 modules of 10-20 minutes each, so you can go through it at your own pace, or all at once.  You can also view easily on mobile, tablet, or desktop.  Other courses costing thousands of dollars still miss many of these practical lessons that can have a major impact on smaller hotels. 

50% DISCOUNT (until October 31, 2018)

For single-payment offer use this coupon code at checkout:  REVENUE6

For two-payment offer use this coupon code at checkout:  OXYGEN7


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