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Revenue Management Service - By Room Type

We do it all for you:  Every week, we tell you when rates need to be higher - or lower

Simple Steps to get just what you need:

  • You send us Occupancy Report every week (can be programmed automatically in your PMS)
  • We customize your template and insert Occupancy data
  • We pull Competitor Rates for next 365 days and add to the model
  • We identify dates when rates should go up or down
  • We send you bullet point recommendations for changes and the entire spreadsheet - every week

This will be done for each Room Type, so it requires Occupancy data from the PMS for each Room Type. 

To obtain Competitor rates at the Room level of detail, it usually requires a subscription to a service like OTA Insights or Siteminder Prophet.  You would need to provide us access to this service or data and then we would do it on our own every week.