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Online Sales Help For Hotels - Revenue Is Oxygen

explainer video Sep 25, 2018

Getting reservations and visibility for your property requires a bit of technical expertise.  OTAs are different and Booking Engines can be hard to install and keep synchronized with other systems.  But why become an expert when you have so many other things to manage at your property. Especially if you are a smaller independent resort, you can get the help you need for less than doing it yourself.  This brief video gives you a glimpse at how that can happen.

 Selling rooms online is more complicated than ever. Rates vary by season over the next 18 months and implementing on each travel website is different. You need to track performance and know how your content and promotions compare with competitors. Doing well requires constant monitoring and smaller resorts may not realize how much revenue they are missing.

Get help from trusted experts who have done it since 1999.  We can take strategy and implementation off your hands and we can implement new software or use what you already have.  Either way, you can remain as involved as you want in every decision.  We will synchronize rates and availability across all channels and advise you weekly on rate adjustments based on occupancy and competitor rates.  These activities have a huge impact on revenue.  Our pay-for-performance model allows you to start small and grow as you like with no long term commitments.
You can do it yourself, but you can also get expert help for the same cost or less.  For a free consultation CLICK HERE

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