How to do Revenue Management

This short course was posted on YouTube just a few months ago and has become one of the most watched videos on the topic of "How to do Revenue Management".  I'm sure it will put some people to sleep, but if you really want to learn about Revenue Management for smaller hotels, this is a great place to start.  If you are not doing this at all, you will be at a big disadvantage to your competitors.

Many small hotels cannot afford a full time revenue manager, but smaller hotels usually don't need one full time person for this.  For many hotels with 50-100 rooms, this might only require 5-10 hours per week to start seeing positive results, but it does require:  A) The right process, and B) Expertise in Revenue Management, Data analysis, Marketing, and some Technology.

Many courses from associations, or even top schools like Cornell, will cover this topic in a way that is suited to larger hotels with lots of non-room revenue.  Even though these courses often cost thousands of dollars, they are still online and usually don't get into recommendations or education on specific software.  For the most part, software training is provided by software companies and often comes after installing expensive software.

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