PODCAST: 14 ways to boost hotel revenue and profits

May 08, 2019

Lodging Leaders is a top rated podcast covering every aspect of the hotel industry.  Episode 163 featured our very own Rob Russell where he describes a checklist of 14 items that many boutique hotels are missing - and can add lots of revenue.  Some of these may sound controversial, but the hotels that get all these things right get stable and consistent revenue from their online channels.

You can listen to the complete interview on your phone or computer at: 

Apple Podcasts:  CLICK HERE

or at Lodging Leaders website: CLICK HERE

14 ways to boost revenue and profits, including:

  1. Direct bookings may cost more than OTAs?
  2. Deposits and cancellation policies may be scaring your customers away
  3. Discounting doesn’t have to mean lower revenue
  4. You get better promo results with “unique” offers for targeted groups
  5. High occupancy can signal a problem (prices are too low)
  6. Value-Add promos can be more profitable
  7. Your Facebook Followers are probably not seeing your posts (you have to pay)
  8. Email Marketing is still a killer app (and you own it)
  9. Content Marketing can be automated with software
  10. Google Maps is separate from Google
  11. You can place your direct booking engine on TripAdvisor, Google, Facebook, and other places
  12. Airbnb can be your friend
  13. Education is now in snack sizes – and perhaps better
  14. Revenue Management can be done remotely





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