11 Quick Minutes To Learn Hotel Software for Boutique Resorts

For many boutique hotels, technology is confusing and messy and almost a foreign language - and it's costing FAR more revenue than they realize.  Busy hotel owners and managers do not have time to become experts in all these different systems and it often sounds like a foreign language, but this video will explain (in simple terms) how your data travels through the internet.  

You may be constantly surprised (and frustrated) by rates that show up on different websites and what seems like a simple decision about future rates or booking restrictions gets all messed up on the way to the consumer.  This often results in lower visibility and displays an offer to consumers that is not competitive... And this often results in much lower booking volume and revenue.  Even if you have someone that understands these systems, you are in charge of the revenue and the business strategy, so you want to be able to control it all over the internet. 

To get a complete system that is efficient AND effective, it is important to understand some of the basic elements of rate distribution and how your decisions get passed along or modified on their way to the consumer. 

Even though your hotel is a physical property in the real world, your product becomes data.  As this data winds its way through different systems, there are infinite details that get transformed, or perhaps not even passed along. 

This short video will show you the most important elements, so that you can understand the complete flow of your product: 

  • From your property
  • Through various software applications
  • Into channels
  • And eventually presented to the consumer (who will decide in seconds)

For many of you, these could be the best 11 minutes you have ever invested in your property.


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